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Kaledo is unique because it utilizes the expertise of the fashion designers with the capabilities of the design software. This allows the design team to work in the same software environment and have full access to their design tools. Kaledo enables the fashion and textile designer to “meet in the middle” to bring together their creative skills and their design software. The product enables the designer to make a truly “one-stop-shop” experience. With Kaledo, the fashion designer can easily create their design, such as pattern, print and fabric, and then pass it to the textile designer. The textile designer can then create the textile-specific part of the design and create high-end fabrics or lower-end fibers. Kaledo uses the concept of Virtual Design and Manufacturing to create a new workflow for the fashion and textile designers. With this method, the designer can create a design in a virtual environment, such as 3D Studio Max or Maya. They can then pass the design file to Kaledo and let the software “generate” the design using a variety of techniques, such as “scale,” “zoom,” “multiply,” “remove,” “interpolate,” and “tweak” (using “Apply to Selected”). The Kaledo application is used in fashion and textile design in three ways. The first way is as an interactive design tool. The second way is as a manufacturing tool that creates the design “as-you-see-it.” The third way is as an enhancement tool that allows the textile designer to view and adjust the 3D design. When you are designing a project, you need to consider what will be important, where will it work and how the design will meet your specifications. With Kaledo you can use the “Scale” technique to zoom in on the fine details of the design, and if you zoom out, the whole design appears. You can use the “Multiply” technique to create scale models in 3D. Kaledo allows you to use the “Zoom” technique to “see” your design from different angles and “see” what’s happening on the “peripheral” parts of the design. “Remove” allows you to remove unnecessary parts of your design.



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Download Lectra Kaledo Style Free genetris

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